Your dog's diet
A good diet is not only important for us humans, but also for our pets to enable them to live a long healthy life.
The joy of completing a dog's pedigree
Learn about the options to supplement pedigrees, create a new dog entry, submit a whole litter and add a missing litter mate in The Breed Archive.
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New breeds in the house
The Breed Archive family has grown again with the smart Miniature American Shepherd and the courageous American Hairless Terrier. To celebrate, the platform got new features too.
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What NOT to feed your dog
Cannot ignore an adorable face at the dinner table? Beware, not everything we eat is safe for your dog too! Learn which food to avoid and how to minimize the risks of food poisoning.
Hiking with your dog
Looking for an outdoor activity that is fun for both you and your companion? Hiking can be a great experience and will strengthen your bond.
Meet your dog's relatives
Discover your dog's family history and experience the fascination of digging into the pedigree list of your beloved dog and its relatives.
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A puppy moves in
It’s a dream come true for many people: having a puppy become a part of their life. A well-adjusted and balanced dog will be worth all the effort you put in.
The importance of pedigree analysis in breeding
Why is pedigree analysis so important for breeding and what can ancestor loss and blood quota add to the analysis?
Check out our new look!
The Breed Archive finally got the facelift it deserved. With this recent update we also introduce some new features like browsing picture galleries.
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Dogs and the summer heat
With rising temperatures and sunny days ahead, it’s time to find out how your dog can stay healthy and safe while enjoying the sun.
Welcome to The Breed Archive
The Breed Archive is an online platform that connects animal lovers and breeders from all over the world.